Memory Calling

East Meets West Meets Enigma

Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved
Produced by Toby Gray

A presentation of gentle music to sooth the mind and spirit with serene soundscapes containing affirmations of Love,  Peace, and Tranquility.
Take a journey of awakening on a beach in Paradise,  traveling to a spiritual kasbah, and back though serene caverns and oceans. 
International vocalist Sandrine does and exquisite job of capturing the moods and painting a vocal picture in English and French with Patti and Chris creating lush layers of strings.

1) Sunrise – 5:05 T. Gray  lyrics S. Georges & T. Gray
2) Inner Now – 4:27 T. Gray  lyrics S. Georges & T. Gray
3) Memory Calling – 5:10 T. Gray  lyrics S. Georges & T. Gray
4) Inner Passage – 4:10 T. Gray
5) Magic Carpet – 3:30 T. Gray
6) Bel Aire – 4:04 T. Gray
7) Dadra Dance – 5:32 T. Gray
8) Godavari – 5:31 T. Gray
9) Tend Your Love – 2:46 T. Gray  lyrics S. Georges & T. Gray
10) Through the Mirror – 10:15 T. Gray
                                                   Total time: 51 minutes

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Toby Gray– Basses, Percussion, Keyboards, Guitars,
Woodwinds, Lyrics, & Programming

Sandrine & Story Georges – Vocals & Lyrics

Patti Maxine – Steel & Resonator Guitars

Chris Lynch – Violin

Engineering, Mastering, Artwork: LifeSong Studios

Special thanks to my wife Judi for her love and supporting my musical obsessions, Patti, Sandrine, & Chris for their incredible contribution of melodies, texture and space, Ravi Shankar, Ali Akbar Khan, Yehudi Menuhin, Jack Casady, David Laflamme, and countless others for making music that has been an inspiration.
I also thank Thin Man Strings and Rhythm Fusion.