Fan’s Comments

Waited all month and it was worth staying up past my bedtime! ‘got weepy a few times. Amazing musician! He sounds like a three piece band. Can’t wait to hear him play again. – Cindy R

“For me, the highlight of the concert was Toby and David Laflamme had very memorable solos. My second favorite piece was their performance of “Santa Cruz” (composed by David and T Bone) ). Again, very nice instrumental work. <snip>”  – Bennett Scharf  

“Be sure and tell Toby to keep up the good work… he is too much, I had almost forgotten what a real musician should look and sound like, now that really took me back, thanks Toby!” – Jeff,  Denver

Pandemic has been terrible, but out of it was “meeting” great artists like you who brought their artistry to many who other wise would have never because of distance, enjoyed their music these Facebook concerts have given us.  I hope in some way they continue to be online too. – Kim B

Toby has been a good friend going back to my earliest days working publicity with Don Quixote’s in Felton where he was the lead sound engineer. Toby was responsible for introducing the Coffis Brothers to me, as well as reconnecting me to It’s A Beautiful Day, for whom he had been the bass player since the ‘80s. His association with the revived Sopwith Camel was another foray that allowed me to connect with Peter Kraemer and get to see them play after all these years. Toby is a wonderful person, and a great musician. A real Highway Buddha! – Trick Stephens

“T-Bone Mojo sweetens the smokey atmosphere of Crossroads barbecue, taking his musical cues from Muddy Waters, JJ Cale and more. It might be Carmel, but there’s nothing like the twang lap steel guitar and the pull of a harmonica that transports diners to another time and place.” – Monterey Weekly

 “Toby is a tremendous singer songwriter, with thousands of songs at his command and a Santa Cruz treasure! If you aren’t familiar you need to be!” – Laura February Strange

“Amending The Broken Wheel Of Music”The raucous crowds from the fans has ceased as the dark clouds of universal sorrow continue amidst the pandemic similar to The Black Plague of Europe 700 years ago. Enter Monsieur Toby Gray, a “Renaissance Man” of Santa Cruz who serenades the masses weekly (daily). Toby is a survivor of “The Golden Age”, a long time member, bass player of storied, iconic band, It’s A Beautiful Day”. Toby remains busy with other bands of the cultural Mecca in California but at the moment, progress is at a standstill excluding a few stalwarts with extraordinary ability trying to please the masses as a search continues in the medicinal world to maintain the virus that now has become world wide. It’s an escape from the tedium of restriction, seclusion in our homes but few have the legacy of Toby Gray who allocates their time to try and please the masses & make the hearts smile. Toby is a heralded bass player but obviously an accomplished guitarist as well. Years from now, Toby & others will be the storied tomes of a neoteric generation. As we listen to these weekly (daily) efforts, Inspiration seems to permeate the air and for those fortunate enough to watch, they extol as if they were there. The denizens of west coast grandeur is alive & well thanks to Monsieur Toby. Kudos & plaudits to you Mon Ami, we are in a better place at the moment because of your untiring efforts. ~ Love from horse country Don Aters

” <snip> By the time you guys did Time is…… I thought the roof was just going to fly off of the Fur Peace Station. Big Thanks……..let’s do it again! Blessings and Respect” – John Hurlbut – Fur Peace Ranch Manager

Blues Harmonica Master Lee Oskar and I when he sat in with us Kansas City  July 4 Festival.
I Endorse Lee Oskar’s Harmonicas.