Highway Buddha – Toby Gray

Toby Gray ~ Highway Buddha
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Up energy and family friendly fun Americana/Classics – Acoustic and electric music. Celebrating the joys and magical powers of music. 

Creds: Member of Springfield Youth and Butler University Symphonies. ‘played and toured for Dick Clark Productions 1970’s, bass, vocals and production with David Laflamme/ It’s A Beautiful Day (White Bird) over a 40 year span (1980-present), producing several studio and Live CDs.
Santa Cruz audio engineer and entertainment booking management.
Aprox 5000 Facebook Friends and a local mailing list of 1600 music fans

Highway Buddha Combo
T Bone Mojo Band

Resorts ~ Wineries ~ etc.

Cool, rockin’ to mellow, and romantic with a repertoire of several hundred of your favorite songs and fun heartfelt Originals.
Toby presents songs made famous by the Eagles, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Peter Rowan, Bob Marley, and many other classic artists adding his own interpretations and owning the songs. Toby continues to expand his range of expression, paying tribute to some of the founding voices of Motown, Rhythm & Blues, Country, and Rock.
Great music and stories of touring with It’s A Beautiful Day (White Bird), Dick Clark Productions, and a multitude of characters from San Francisco’s Summer of Love and LA music scenes.
Toby performs regularly at major festivals, concerts, resorts along with intimate coffee houses and everything in between.
Mostly performing solo, other top notch musicians are added as appropriate for the Highway Buddha Combo.
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Original Material Concerts:

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All original unique “Americana” compositions from his latest CDs 
Toby writes songs that represent the American experience as he has traveled and lived it. The loves, the challenges, the mysticism, the laughter, and hope that bring us all together. Toby’s style pulls the listener into the stories and songs sharing our common compassion and joys. Concert ensembles are enhanced with the finest musicians available.

Holistic Gatherings:  

Meditative gentle music to sooth the mind and spirit with serene sounds-capes containing affirmations of Love, Peace, and Tranquility.  Blessings and Drum Circles examples. 
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Contact: HighwayBuddha@HighwayBuddha.com