"Ascension" featuring the music of Sitar - Bass - Violin - and Voice

Engineering, Mastering, Artwork: LifeSong Studios
Produced by Toby Gray and Alan Sitar Brown

Highway Buddha in association with Trance Love Airways have combined the sounds of traditional Eastern and modern instruments to create a collection of blissful delights for all the Chakras. "Ascension" produced by Toby Gray and Alan Sitar Brown using sitar, bass, violin, percussion, and vocals to create a fusion of soothing and meditative sounds. This collection of music takes the listener on a voyage through beautiful meditative and spiritually introspective groove journeys that may make you want to get up and dance.

Toby Gray - Basses, Percussion, Flute, Keys, Vocals
Alan Sitar Brown - Sitar, Vocals
Sheri Ross - Violin
Sandrine Georges- Vocals
Steve LoBue - Djembe

1) Arrival - 10:29 A. Brown & T. Gray
2) Sacred Wisdom - 6:49 A. Brown & T. Gray
3) Above the Clouds - 3:33 T. Gray
4) Shiva Dance - 7:01 A. Brown & T. Gray
5) Road to Buddha - 5:38 A. Brown & T. Gray
6) Departure - 3:41 T. Gray
7) Mirage - 7:07 A. Brown & T. Gray
8) Sirens - 4:45 T. Gray
9) Cakewalker - 5:55 A. Brown & T. Gray
10) Journeys End - 2:56 T. Gray

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Toby Gray has been a member of David Laflamme performs the music of Itís A Beautiful Day since 1980 having previously worked with the Dick Clark organization and performing with Howard Roberts, Jamaica's Larry McDonald (Taj Mahal, Gil Scott-Heron, Skatalites). 

Alan Sitar Brown who was on staff at Fantasy Records in the 1970ís has performed with Ray Manzarek, Rob Wasserman, Larry Cassem, Michael McClure, Jah Levi, Jaris Dreaming, Fantuzzi, Arjun, Larry Hall, Chief Sonne Reyna and many other SF Bay musical luminaries. Alan is also an actor with several movies to his credit.

Sheri Ross is one of the most sought after violinists and composers in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has recorded with Jefferson Airplaneís Jack Casady and many other great musicians.†

French vocalist and songwriter Sandrine Georges created an alluring exotic texture for this work of art putting the icing on the cake musically. Her vocals are truly inspirational.

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