Toby Gray - Highway Buddha Shows

Up Coming:
Mar 9 Friday Brookdale Bluegrass Festival  - Harlan County Covey 7PM
Mar 10 Saturday
Sushi Garden 5:30-8:30
Mar 14 Wednesday Reef/Pono 6:30PM
Mar 16 Friday 
Sushi Garden 5:30-8:30PM
Mar 17 Saturday
St. Paddy's Day Ground Control 2-4PM

Mar 21 Wednesday Reef/Pono 6:30PM
Mar 23 Friday 
Sushi Garden 5:30-8:30
Mar 28 Wednesday Reef/Pono 6:30PM
Mar 31 Sat
MJA Summit 2-5
April 5 Thursday  Sushi Garden 5:30-8:30PM 
April 7 Saturday Unavailable

April 11
Wednesday Reef/Pono 6:30PM
April 13 Friday 
Sushi Garden 5:30-8:30PM
April 14 Saturday 1-4PM Severinos Patio
April 20 Friday Casa Nostra 6-9PM
April 21 Saturday 
Sushi Garden 5:30-8:30PM
April 22 Sunday
MJA Summit 2-5
April 25 Wednesday Reef/Pono 6:30PM
April 26 Thurday Cava Capitola 6:30-9:30PM
April 28 Saturday 
Sushi Garden 5:30-8:30PM
May 4 Friday Stockwell Winery 5:30-8:30
May 5 Saturday Armandos
May 9 Wednesday Crow's Nest Combo 7:30PM
May 10 Thursday Cava Wine Bar 6:30-9:30PM 
May 12 Saturday
MJA Summit 2-5
May 25 Friday Steel Bonnet
May 27 Sunday
MJA Summit 2-5
May 26 Saturday 1-4PM Severinos Patio
June 2 Saturday Palms Playhouse Winters

June 8 Friday  Stockwell Winery 5:30-8:30
June 16 Saturday
MJA Summit 2-5
July 6-8 Tentative NW tour
July 21 Saturday Redwood Cafe Cotati
Aug 25 Saturday

Venues Performed at:
 West End Celebration Sand City
  Brookdale Blue Grass Festival at Costanoa
MJA Winery Santa Cruz and Summit
Crow's Nest
Santa Cruz Downtown Library concert
  Blue Grass Society Concert  
EARTH DAY at Crystal Bay Farm
Severinos Bar & Grill
Stockwells Winery
Wright Station Winery
Haute Enchilada
Don Quixotes International Music Hall
Shadowbrook Restaurant 
Santa Cruz Community TV Fund Raiser
CORE Party & Benefit The Coastal Watershed Council
LaSelva Beach Library Benefit

Vino Tabi Winery
Concert Shoot SCCTV
  "Please Stand By" KPIG Radio  
John Michael's Rockbox
Treasure Roadhouse
Reef/Pono - Santa Cruz Residency 
The Pono opening for Sean Na'auao
The Pono opening for Ukulele Maestro Elias Ka'uhane
Cava Wine Bar
Ristorante Casa Nostra
Santa Cruz Food Lounge
Steel Bonnet Brewery
Bella Vista
Wine Tyme
Various Farmer's Markets
Private Parties & House Concerts
International Peace Day with Conscious Creative Collective
Cafe Gratitude