Toby Gray - Highway Buddha   


Up energy and family friendly fun Americana/Classics - Acoustic music. Celebrating the joys and magical powers of music. 
Over 4000 Facebook friends and Followers and a local mailing list of 1600 music fans!

Cool, mellow, and smooth with a repertoire of several hundred of your favorite songs and fun heartfelt Originals.
Toby presents songs made famous by the Eagles, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Peter Rowan, Bob Marley, and many other classic artists adding his own interpretations and owning the songs. Toby continues to expand his range of expression, paying tribute to some of the founding voices of Motown, Rhythm & Blues, Country, and Rock with beautiful profound results.
Great music and stories of touring with It's A Beautiful Day, Dick Clark Productions, and a multitude of characters from San Francisco's Summer of Love and LA music scenes.
Toby performs regularly at major festivals and concerts along with intimate coffee houses and everything in between.

"Toby Gray is a natural storyteller. His original songs are articulate and funny and thoughtful, and his chord changes are just “different” enough to keep a side musician on his toes. He also a pro, and gave us plenty of room to trade supporting roles and solos through the songs. - BanjerDan (Dan Mazer)

"Toby is a tremendous singer songwriter, with thousands of songs at his command and a Santa Cruz treasure! 
If you aren’t familiar you need to be!" -
Laura February Strange

" <snip> By the time you guys did Time is...... I thought the roof was just going to fly off of the Fur Peace Station. Big Thanks Toby........let's do it again! Blessings and Respect" - John Hurlbut - Fur Peace Ranch Manager

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Wineries - Clubs - Restaurants:

Chris Stapleton John Cruz Devil Makes Three Jackie Green
Always Popular
Motown Everly Brothers  Bruce Springsteen Van Morrison The Band The Rolling Stones Crosby Still Nash & Young 
Beatles Bob Marley It's A Beautiful Day Bonnie Raitt Grateful Dead Johnny Cash Tom Petty John Prine Bob Dylan The Who

Primarily performing solo and adding other players as needed. Toby's large repertoire spans decades and features family friendly resort flavored songs everyone knows and loves: (See sample song MP3s & Video list on left panel)
Performing songs by a wide variety of iconic artists such as Crosby Stills & Nash, the Drifters, Beach Boys, Hawaii's John Cruz, Little Feat, Sam Cooke, JJ Cale, Bob Marley, Byrds, Temptations, Steve Winwood, Rascals, Johnny Cash, Santana, Bruce Springsteen, Doobie Brothers, Railroad Earth, Jefferson Airplane, Wilson Pickett, Hall & Oates, Tiffany, Tommy James, Van Morrison, and many, many others. Utilizing multiple tunings on the acoustic guitar and adding lap steel, slide guitar and harmonicas, there is plenty of variety to keep the audiences entertained. Performances are always tailored for each audience.


All original heart felt "Americana" compositions from his latest CDs 
Toby writes songs that represent the American experience as he has traveled and lived it. The loves, the challenges, the mysticism, the laughter, and hope that bring us all together. Toby's style pulls the listener into the stories and songs sharing our common compassion and joys. Concert ensembles are enhanced with the finest musicians available. 

  American Dreamer  
Songs reflecting growing up in rural America, roaming the West, seeking inner peace, living the dream, and keeping the Earth Green.

Holistic Gatherings:  

Meditative gentle music to sooth the mind and spirit with serene sounds-capes containing affirmations of Love, Peace, and Tranquility.  Blessings and Drum Circles examples. 
Using Charka bowls, wooden flutes, Craven halo, various shakers, riq, harmonicas, acoustic guitar, a slide guitar or two, and maybe some "found" instruments. Take a journey of awakening on a beach in paradise, traveling to a spiritual kasbah, and back though serene mystical caverns and oceans, a journey of love, healing, transformation, deep inner listening, and dancing. Samples at his Memory Calling CD.

Recent comments:
Kelli S. 
Our Book Fair this year turned out to be the best one EVER--and not just lucratively for the library! I have received so many compliments about your music..<snip<  Please put me on your list to notify for events...and I will do my very best to get to be a proper Toby Gray Groupie!  Many, many thanks,

Music Is Love